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Deacon's News : Sunday 14/12/08 meeting update
Posted by deacons on 2008/12/17 11:20:00 (1473 reads)
Deacon's News

This post contains what we reviewed in our regular Sunday meeting.

Hymns lesson during month of Kiahk
On Saturdays from 5 to 6pm before Asheya and tasbeha.

Deacon's News : Sunday 30/11/08 meeting update
Posted by deacons on 2008/12/2 15:10:00 (1631 reads)
Deacon's News

We received the blessings of Abouna Yousef Goubran visiting us from Egypt during our regular meeting.

This post also contains the hymns we revised during our weekly hymns lesson every Saturday.

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Deacon's News : Sunday 16/11/08 meeting updates
Posted by deacons on 2008/11/16 21:50:00 (1284 reads)
Deacon's News

We revised the Praxis response and Gospel responses during the month of Kiahk.

Postponed Event:
The deacons open day at St Barbara church has been postponed to Saturday 29 November.

Hymns Lesson:
Hymns lesson timing has changed to 6.45 -7.30 pm every Saturday.

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Deacon's News : Sunday 9/11/08 meeting updates
Posted by deacons on 2008/11/13 0:30:00 (1533 reads)
Deacon's News

The short meeting updates are here.

Confirmed Event -has been postponed
Open day for the deacons and their families on Saturday 22/11/2008 at St Barbara & Abba Noufer the Hermit church, Campbeltown.

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Deacon's News : Welcome Abouna Sharobim
Posted by deacons on 2008/10/28 19:30:00 (1701 reads)
Deacon's News

A welcome message from the deacons to Father Sharobim Sharobim.

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Deacon's News : Sunday 26/10 meeting updates
Posted by deacons on 2008/10/26 21:42:55 (1325 reads)

We revised the Hetenies chanted during the month of Kiahk.
Hymns lesson every Saturday 6 to 7pm with Abouna Sharobim.

Confirmed event
Spiritual day for the deacons and their families at the monastery this Saturday 1/11.

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Deacon's News : Sunday 19/10 meeting updates
Posted by deacons on 2008/10/20 1:00:00 (1321 reads)

A very warm welcome to Abouna Sharobim Sharobim, and we are asking the Lord to guide him in his service.

Confirmed Event:
Deacons spiritual day at the monastery on Saturday, 1/11/2008

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Deacon's News : Sunday 28/9/2008 meeting updates
Posted by deacons on 2008/9/28 18:28:42 (1778 reads)

This week’s meeting updates are posted here.
Notice: There is a plan for a trip to the monastery for the Deacons and their families on Saturday 11 October. View this post for more details.

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Deacon's News : Sunday 21/9 meeting update
Posted by deacons on 2008/9/22 0:10:00 (1291 reads)

Happy Feast of the Cross everyone, the Asheya is this Friday at 7pm and the Holy Liturgy is on Saturday.
In this meeting, we have revised the hymns and the rituals of the Asheya and the Liturgy for this occasion.

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Deacon's News : 
Posted by deacons on 2008/9/14 18:23:17 (1550 reads)

Meeting update contains a notice and hymns revised for Feast of the Cross celebrated on 27th of September

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