Website News : Launch of the New Church Website!
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Website News

Welcome to the new website for St Mary & St Merkorious Abu Sefein Coptic Orthodox Church.

In conjunction with the Official Opening of the Fr Pishoy Kamel Resource Centre, the website has been launched as a production of the youth of Abu Sefein.

The website is fast approaching its fifth birthday, and there is nothing better than to celebrate with a new layout and a new feel to the website. Now with an easily accessible interface and greater room for growth and movement the church website will soon move to become the work of various groups within the church.

The use of this new system will allow for a more dynamic and up to date website.

If you have any questions or concerns please forward them to the Webmaster.

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2010/12/27 1:30:00 - Fr. Boules George visit to our church
2010/12/27 1:00:00 - St. Abu Sefein's Feast
2010/11/29 23:26:12 - Bishop Estafanous visit
2010/11/13 18:00:00 - Celebrating 33 years of Ordination of Rev. Fr. Bishoy Yassa
2010/11/7 17:50:00 - High School Youth Trip to St. Shenouda Monastery

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