Deacon's News : Sunday 16/11/08 meeting updates
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Deacon's News

We revised the Praxis response and Gospel responses during the month of Kiahk.

Postponed Event:
The deacons open day at St Barbara church has been postponed to Saturday 29 November.

Hymns Lesson:
Hymns lesson timing has changed to 6.45 -7.30 pm every Saturday.

+ Hymns revision
In today’s meeting we revised the Praxis response for the month of Kiahk. Click here to listen to Praxis Response by Ibrahim Ayad.
We also revised the Gospel responses during :
1st and 2nd week, click here
3rd and 4th week, click here

+ The open day for the deacons and their families has been postponed to Saturday 29 November to give chance for more Deacons to join as well as the Reverend Fathers. Just as a reminder, it will be at St Barbara & Abba Noufer the Hermit church, Campbeltown.

+ Our usual hymns lesson with Abouna Sharobim will now start at 6.45pm instead of 6 and finish at 7.30pm (start of Asheya).
Last Saturday we finished the first half of the Psalm response (“Alleluia” in the long tune). Click here to listen to it.
Please come and join, it is a great blessing having Abouna teaching us our church’s great hymns.

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